One example of a current player (as of 2005) that has suffered a large share of injuries is Essendon champion James Hird, who has suffered virtually every injury imaginable. The AFL Players' Association is working on initiatives to set up a player welfare fund for after footballers' retirements.

There was growth in industrial production. Electricity consumption increased from 978,000,000 kW in 1952 to 1,339,000,000 kW in 1954. The cotton yarn output increased from 49,200 to 64,400 tons, and cotton fabric output increased from 157,800,000 meters to 240,900,000 meters.

Upon completion of the examination, the score for each section and the overall test score will be processed by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority headquarters and made available to the candidate's sponsor.

When a fish swims inside through this opening, it cannot get out, as the chicken wire opening bends back into its original narrowness. In earlier times, traps were constructed of wood and fibre. A fish stringer is a line of rope or chain along which a fisherman can string fish that have been caught so they can be immersed and kept alive in water.

A woman in the lithotomy (lying on her back, legs elevated) is more than likely not going to push a larger than average baby out, due to the size of outlet that this position creates. Cephalo-pelvic disproportion exists when the capacity of the pelvis is inadequate to allow the fetus to negotiate the birth canal.

She died more than three years later without verifying the will. White v Jones was distinguished because the testatrix had assumed the duty of care, but the court was critical of the failure of the solicitors to send a letter of reminder.

The airport's ICAO identifier is KIXD. The airport’s codes were derived from its name of Johnson County Industrial Airport. The county originally sought the IND designation for its industrial name but that identifier went to Indianapolis International Airport.

It was passed by Radian Lacuesta in 2005 to the Columban Fathers. The first director of Columban College was Rev. Thomas L. Convery with Rev. Fr. Paul O'Malley SSC as his assistant. Columban Sisters were assigned in 1962 to assist in the administrative and teaching programs.

Its board is chaired by Sir David Pepper. Its stated purpose is to maximise the impact of science and technology for the defence and security of the UK. In July 2001, the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) was split into two parts, Dstl and Qinetiq.

In particular, Hlavatý solved some very difficult equations relating to Einstein's Unified field theory, which was featured in the news media as one of the great scientific achievements of 1953. Einstein himself was reported to have said that if anyone could solve the equations it would be Professor Hlavatý, which proved to be the case.

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